Today was the Digital Liberty Coalition’s rally against the Clean Feed. We had a good turnout in Canberra with about 100 or so turning up to Caroline Le Coutuer (Greens Party), Hannah Mae Koenig (Event Organiser), Nathaneal Boehm (DLC Member) and myself speaking about why opposing this policy matters and what it means for Australia.

It was great to see the support that came out for this cause and I thank everyone who came out today to discuss the Clean Feed and all its implications. Whilst Caroline focused on the policy I gave a brief overview of the technical and business implications of the Internet Filter. I’m glad that many people are now more informed about this issue and can now impart knowledge on others in order to raise more awareness.

I was very impressed by the reception we got from the general public as well. Many people stopped to listen to us give our views on this policy, and a couple even stayed behind for a good chat afterwards. It was great to hear that all of them would be coming back for the big rally in March, which I’m hoping will draw much more interest from the media.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures/videos/links once they start coming my way. I was going to take my camera along but being the busy boy that I am I remembered I’d left it at home 5 minutes before I was in Civic for the rally. I’m going to write up a summary of the whole event for the Chronicle and I’ll have a link to it once it’s up.

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