Bound In Love.

Rebecca, I dedicate myself to you.
For whatever may cross our paths, for any challenges we face,
I will be there for you.
To the bounds of the earth and across the stars
Through pain, joy, hardship and wealth
I will be there for you.
To this I bind myself in our eternal love
To only be separated by the ends of time
I pledge my unyielding faith to you
All this I hereby vow

I love you I love you I love you! and and I don’t ever want to be without you.
I can not wait to have children with you.
I can’t wait to achieve all our Dreams together and support each other.
I promise to keep making you hot chocolates and bug you with requests –“ do you want anything, Can I get you a drink, food…cuddles?”.
I promise to keep curling ip with  you on the couch, and bring you little gifts when I come back from shopping trips, business trips or when ever I feel I am missing you – no matter how short or long the time apart.
I love your magnetism, I love your positivity.
I want you all for my own.
“Can I have you ?”


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  1. It didnt matter that the wind blew the words away as it couldnt take away the love between you two and the love everyone feels for you both.  They are beautiful vows and it is good to be able to read them.

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