By the time this post hits the world Rebecca and I will be on our way to the mystery destination, Turtle Island.

Now for those of you who are in the know and managed to get some clues, here’s them explained:

  • “I read a review from a person I respect highly”: Here is the review in question by none other than Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. I’ve been following his blog for ages and his witty style of writing has always captivated me. The review was more than enough for me to choose Turtle Island as our honeymoon spot.
  • “There is a link to the site where I read the review somewhere on my blog”: Look to the right, there’s a link to his blog.
  • “This place has been the set for one notable movie”: Well, maybe not that notable overall but it’s a pretty well know movie.
  • “The travel booking agency has 2 offices, one in America and one in Australia”: Check out their website, two offices.
  • The Aqua Shallows“: A short story littered with clues to the movie, The Blue Lagoon, which was shot on Turtle Island. Since this is an automated post I won’t know if anyone commented and guessed it right, but if you did, nice work! 😀 They’re all in the names which are either anagramed, words replaced for synoyms, or just not said out in the proper order. The title is just synonyms for the movie. I’m tricky, but not creative 😛

So there’s the big secret. You can see why I always cracked a wry smile when everyone was guessing locations that were no where near where we were going 😀

I’ll be sending many a picture everyone’s way when we return. 🙂

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