I always feel like there’s a creative side to me that’s always struggling against my logical brain. I love creating things but when it comes to anything artistic or something that doesn’t follow a strict set of rules it seems that my internal wiring gets all crossed up and I write the whole experience off as illogical. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate good creative works, far from it. People who have the ability to create fascinate me in a way that I can’t push aside. One of the great examples I was shown recently was the YouTube celebrity Ronald Jenkees and here’s my favourite of his videos:

His story is quite amazing having only ever taken music lessons for 3 months (which didn’t work out) and prefers to just jam out on his keyboard with FL Studio providing the beat. I spent almost a whole afternoon just checking out his work and subsequently spent a couple frustrating hours on FL Studio trying to create my own tracks. I think I’m suffering from what I’ll call the IllDoc caramel problem whereby everything I do doesn’t appear to be any good since I’m listening to it for hours on end. That doesn’t stop me from thinking that I can buy my way out of the problem with more gear (I just know I’ll get good when I buy that keyboard!), but I know I’m just ogling gorgeous tech.

You may be asking yourself what the point of this post is since I’m just randomly linking to stuff I like and whining about how hard it is to be creative. Well the thing is I meant to write this post a long time ago, in fact almost 2 months ago when I got back from Turtle Island. You see whilst on the island I had revisited one of my old creative passions, photography. I initially got into this because I wanted a good camera to take with me on a trip to New Zealand with my now wife and became obsessed with DSLR technology. I set myself a budget of about $1000 and ended up with a Canon 400D and a standard lens. The next 6 months were filled with me  annoying my friends and family with my new toy as well as taking a couple opportunities to try my hand at a couple artistic shoots.

So here I am pimping out some of my work again after buttering you up with some other creative people. Have a look, let me know what you think and feel free to give me any criticisms or ask questions about them. Most of these were done in the moment and are my favourites out of the bunch. If you’re crazy and want the high res versions they will be available soon in my gallery page, which I’m still working out how to set up properly (that was another reason for the long delay).


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