I’ve Gone Blank.

Seriously, I’ve gone absolutely blank. No matter how many articles I troll through or how many random things I look at I just can’t find that creative spark that drives me to write a full post about something. That’s not that there’s nothing to write about but nothing that I could write about would have that particular feel about it that I always go after, that touch of inspiration that takes over and guides me from the first paragraph all the way through to the end.

Thus because I can’t seem to concentrate without actually posting something on here I’m serving you up a great whole lot of nothing, thanks for playing along 😉

On the flip side if there’s something you’d like to see me write about drop me a line in the comments below. I could use the inspiration right about now…


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  1. starcraft?

    Mebbe not..seriously I think I need a break, after our sess on the weekend I went to play on Sunday and… I couldn’t do it.

    I was seeing units in my dreams, they were invading my thoughts, I couldn’t think about anything except Starcraft.. I think I have overdone it and need a break…just thinking about it now is making me feel slightly queasy! Thats not good!

  2. Been considering writing some posts about Starcraft 2 but they just never have that feel to them that I get when I write about other things. Sure they might be interesting to a few folks but I just don’t feel the drive to write them and some of my worst posts have been when I’ve tried to force something out.

    I know how you feel mate, good thing I’m taking off overseas for a month hey 😉 We did hit it pretty hard though..

  3. Heh I could but I usually like to write reactions to the actual product, not comment on rumours (however juicy they might be). Plus I’ve been deliberately ignoring all the Apple hype so the article would probably be just me waffling on for 1000 words (yeah not that much different hey) 😉

    Interesting article, there’s always doomsayers about things like this but I doubt we’re any immediate danger of running out of bandwidth. Especially considering the data transfer record stands at something huge like 25TBits/s (set back in 2007 no less). Sure that might not be practical on larger scales but it shows that we’re quite capable of innovating this problem away for a long time to come.

    I’ve actually got 2 posts already drafted now plus another review I can do should I go blank again. Funnily enough this has been one of the best days for viewing on the blog. Who’d of thought people would be more interested when I didn’t write anything? Go figure 😛

  4. Haha fair call, I wouldn’t bother writing on rumours either.

    I don’t quite understand what they’re getting at, but from what I can gather in the article, their argument isn’t so much about the fibre cabling itself, but the amplifiers and switching infrastructure.

    Sounds to me like a beatup.

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