Just Plain Awesome.

I have a lot of respect for fine engineering. It doesn’t matter what field it comes from either as I find there’s an elegance about things that have been so well planned, designed and the implemented. I recently came across this video that show cases the world’s smallest V12 engine, all hand made (apart from the screws). It’s a bit lengthy but I was mesmerized by it, loving the incredible attention to detail and the beauty of something so complex coming together so well.

I think it also plays into my not-so-secret love of steampunk stuff, what with all the elaborate metalwork and interconnecting parts.


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  1. From what I’ve read it runs on compressed air coming from that big white tube you see at the bottom. It doesn’t have any room for spark plugs so unfortunately it wouldn’t be able to run on traditional fuel.

    Although I’m sure the creator behind it would be more than capable of modifying it to do so 😉

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