Take a Break From Sitting 23.5 Hours Per Day.

I wasn’t much of a health nut up until about 3 years ago. Sure I wasn’t exactly out of shape thanks to my innate ability to not gain weight but I wasn’t exactly fit either. Sure I had done 3 years of martial arts prior to that but overall my level of activity was pretty low. Today however you’ll find me working out about 5 times per week, drowning myself in supplements (although I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone, I’m just a nutter experimenting to see if these things work) and being in the best physical form of my life. Since starting down this path I’ve become an advocate for exercise as being some of the best medicine you can get, but I’ve always had trouble of convincing people otherwise.

This video, which I tweeted about last week, puts it all into perspective:

There’s a mounting body of evidence that even small amounts of exercise, as little as 92 minutes per week, is enough to extend life expectancy by 3 years. So if you’re questioning whether or not you have the time to do something ask yourself this, can you take a break from sitting/lying down for 23.5 hours a day in order to improve your quality of life significantly? If you’re answer is no leave me a comment below, because I can’t fathom the reasons why you can’t spare that time.


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  1. I have to sit… I can’t move my legs.

    If someone said this it would be really good excuse for them exercise using their wheelchair though.

  2. Bang on. Whilst I can understand there are some disabilities that prevent you from exercising (quadriplegia being one of them) for everyone else there’s really no excuse for not doing just 30 mins of simple exercise a day.

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