Before I say anything, you need to watch this video in its entirety:

Long time readers will know I have a soft spot for Quantic Dream’s work, having played their first title Fahrenheit some years ago. My status as their fanboy was sealed when I played their second title Heavy Rain, a game that pushed the limits of games as a medium of expression. The video above is Quantic Dream’s latest achievement and whilst they say that this isn’t directly from any of their current projects they have done other videos similar to this which were very indicative of their future products.

Needless to say this has me very excited for what they’re currently working on. Whilst it might not be exactly what’s shown here you can safely bet that all the elements: the graphics, the emotion and the story telling will make it into the final product. The fact that it all runs in real time on the PS3 is even more impressive as whilst the graphics aren’t exactly cutting edge they’re right up there with other titles.

I really can’t wait!

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