As I’ve said before us IT guys have the most interesting problems when it comes to our personal computers. Mine decided last night, in the middle of doing stuff for the wedding on Monday no less, that it would give up the ghost and stop working completely. No amount of cajoling or begging would bring my computer back from its silent grave and I was relegated to trying to recover my files hastily in case the drives were on the way out.

Turns out either the hard drive itself of or the controller on my motherboard decided that the main boot record and master file table needed to die, and proceeded to oblige me in this request even though I had done nothing to provoke it. I had had problems with it freezing in the past but since there was no data corruption I put it down to spurious windows chicanery, and thought nothing more of it. This assumption has cost me around 3 hours of my life, something which I’m not keen to repeat again in the near future.

This post will be a short and sweet one as the time I usually dedicate to writing out a thoughtful post have been taken away by said computer fail. I will say one thing though, the free file recovery software Recuva is worth its weight in gold, as it was able to scan my drive and recover all the files in a fraction of the time of any other utility I’ve used before. Everything else I tried took at least 15 minutes to get the folder structure right and then couldn’t recover anything past a few measly files. I was able to get a full 21GB off my drive without too much hassle using Recuva, and I’m now just a format and reconfigure away from having a working machine again.

My shopping list now includes a 2TB RAID 1/0 array, because I never want to go through this crap again. šŸ™‚

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David is an avid gamer and technology enthusiast in Australia. He got his first taste for both of those passions when his father, a radio engineer from the University of Melbourne, gave him an old DOS box to play games on.

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