White iPhone 4: Not Until The End of the Year.

Because a good bunch of people are coming to this blog looking for a white iPhone 4 (thanks in part to me hosting a picture with the name) I thought I’d put up a quick post to say you’re out of luck, as many outlets reported a while back:

Those of you holding out for white iPhone 4s will have to continue your practice in patience: Apple says that they continue to be a challenge to manufacture and won’t be available until later this year. That’s right—no longer will they be available in the second half of July, which was already pushed back from late June when the iPhone 4 originally launched. Apple has pushed the date back again by apparently several months, and is no longer committing to a date.

Apple’s latest statement follows one made one month ago just before the iPhone 4 hit the streets. At that time, Apple said that the white version had “proven more challenging to manufacture than expected,” and were therefore being delayed for at least half a month. Steve Jobs even said during last week’s iPhone 4 press conference, where he discussed the iPhone’s antenna issues, that the white iPhone was still on track to ship at the end of July, so either he was stretching the truth or the latest statement was a last-minute decision.

As a fellow white iPhone lover I knew this would upset a few people but it seems to be a theme with the white versions of Apple’s popular phone. Still you might be in luck as hopefully they’ll push for an antenna fix at the same time hoping to avoid the death grip problem that’s plagued many of its handsets.

Makes me a little happier that I bought the 3GS…. a little. 😉


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  1. meh, having been burned by iPhones, not going to buy another one again. They are seriously terrible products, maybe I am just picky, but they have so many stupid problems.

  2. Funny how you were so in love with your iPhone not too long ago Dave, what did they do to burn you? I’ll admit they have a few issues (there are a number I could list with mine) but they’re still quite a good device. The Android offerings are getting better day by day though and I know one will be finding a home with me very soon 🙂


  3. We have had a little Android revolution here at my work, with 6 out 10 on the team now on the platform.
    One of my workmates, Greg, was a rabid iPhone (well apple in general) fan, however got onto Android by way of an awesome deal Telstra were doing on the HTC desire. At first he was just going to trial the Desire then whack it up on eBay after a week. This was just before I went on holiday for 6 weeks. Surprise surprise, it was the Desire sitting on his desk when I walked in on Monday. He told me since he had started using the Desire he has only turned on his iPhone once and his mind boggled at the amount of stuff he just could not do on the iPhone that was perfectly easy to do on Android (Tasker automation being a good example see here: http://lifehacker.com/5601133/push-your-automated-android-to-awesome-heights-with-these-tasker-setups )
    I’m guessing you did something similar, Dave?

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