Samsung Galaxy S2 Lock Screen Bug.

So it seems that I’ve managed to stumble across a bug in the Samsung Galaxy S2’s lock screen. In a similar vein to the iPhone lock screen bugs of years gone past this one allows you to bypass the lock screen and gain access to the phone without having to enter in the code. I’ve done a short video to show how this particular bug works:

In essence it appears to be due to the voice activation program. Now I don’t really use this feature so the bug could possibly be due to the disclaimer still being there, but in any case should you have the lock screen set to the numerical keypad there’s a high likelihood that this bug affects you.

Some quick info about my phone for those looking to replicate this bug:

  • UK version hardware
  • CF-Root kernel 
  • VillainROM 2.4
  • Otherwise stock, no other mods installed
I’ve tested this bug with the pattern match and password lock screens and they don’t appear to be affected by this particular bug.
So if you’re using the numerical lock screen on the Galaxy S2 I’d recommend changing to either the pattern match or password screens just in case this bug isn’t isolated to my particular set up. I’ve only had the chance to test this on my handset so I’m not sure how wide spread it is, but I know my current configuration isn’t uncommon so chances are it’s affecting a few people out there.


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  1. My Galaxy S2 does the same thing with the pattern match. I have Android version 2.3.4 Build: Gingerbread.uckh7 on AT&T network in the US. If I press the side (power) button initially the lock code entry screen appears. If I let that screen fade out without entering a pattern match code and press the side button again it bypasses the lock most of the time. I have contacted Samsung support and was told that this “was not a known problem”.

  2. Interesting, I gave that one a go on my handset (still the same as above) and wasn’t able to get it to work. Have you been able to verify this with anyone else? Would be interesting to see if it crops up anywhere else. I think my one was just an anomaly of the VillainROM update process as I was able to fix it after changing to pattern match and then back again.

    Actually try changing to numeric or password and then back again and see if the problem sticks around.

  3. @galaxy user

    Have you tried switching to another lock method to see if the bug remains afterwards? That’s how I fixed the problem I had in the video. Other than that your best bet is either on the XDA-Developers forum (they’re usually really good with this kind of thing) or hitting up Samsung directly.

  4. @David Klemke
    I have tried switching to numeric keypad lock and the problem can be duplicated there as well.

  5. @Daryl Stultz
    I have found that setting the lock screen timeout to “immediate” results in expected behavior. All other timeouts lead to bypass. I would guess that the lock screen timer is reset before the device is unlocked, however it still doesn’t behave as expected if you wait past the timeout value.

  6. Hi all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I was using the Screen Lock Widget, but suddenly every time that I tried to delete an app from the screen, I can’t all what I got is a message on the top that says “Screen Locked”. I used to do that and every time I had a red cross on top of the app and I was able to do it, but not any more. in order to do it I have to go to through settings+applications. any ideas??

  7. @Karel
    Have you tried contacting the app developer about that particular issue? I had a look at the comments on the Android Marketplace and it seems people are having some trouble removing the application (there’s instructions there on how to remove it) and it’s possible that the application itself is causing some problems as well.

    If it’s the same application I’m looking at you can contact them at [email protected]

  8. There is a simple fix. Just go to settings and then location and security. Go to the screen timeout option and set it to immediately lock screen once the screen turns off. Voila once the screen turns off, it will stay locked.

  9. Even I have the same issue as if you press the home side button twice it unlocks itself. The immediate lock screen after screen turns off option by SUJJI works well, but i guess this issue should be solved other way by the samsung or the android. Hope to see it getting better in ICS

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