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To Those Who Mean the World to Me.

You know whenever someone gets up in front of a mic during a joyous occasion such as this one they usually waste 5 minutes of everyone’s time by thanking a whole bunch of people. You’ll then forgive me for doing the same.

I just want to start off by thanking everyone for coming tonight, especially those of you who’ve travelled far. You never really know how many people care about you until you try to get them all in the same room together, and looking over everyone here I can see a face that brings with it a story. Every single one of you has played a part in shaping the relationship that Rebecca and I now share today, and I’m forever thankful of that.

I’d also want to extend my heartfelt thanks out to Glynn, the father of my lovely bride. In the past we might have not seen eye to eye but the day that I walked into his home and timidly asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage he not only said yes, he welcomed me into the family. It was at that moment that I knew that all of his actions were just, even I had not agreed with them. Glynn, I am so proud to be a part of your family.

For each of my groomsmen I have these words:

Alex: You have taught me that no matter what life throws at you, there’s something that you can do with it. You’ve been hit with so many things that would destroy a lesser man, yet you continue on. In you I find the strength that inspires me in the darkest of times.

James: You taught me how to be comfortable with who I am, to challenge the preconcieved standards of life and push past them. Before I met you I was an introverted person who desired nothing more to be alone with my thoughts. You brought the true me out, the one who revels in being the center of attention, who loves his friends dearly, and above all treasures the truth.

Eamon: You taught me the beauty of thought. Through you I learnt discipline in process, to question my own though patterns and inner biases. Truly you instilled me a sense of curiosity of the world that will never satisfied. You are the inspiration for my constant drive to success.

Dave: You set me free. I have no idea what you saw in me on that first night in Japan, but that night I cast off the person who I was and became someone new. You stripped me of my fear, my doubt, my self image and let me rebuild myself. Your brutal form of truth is something that amuse and taught at the same time, and I can not understate how much of my life has been changed by your presence.

Andrew: You taught me not to be afraid of my own mind. The long nights we spent talking about so many things are a treasure that few of us have. What really interested me about these talks was that no matter what the subject was, we would both listen attentively to each other. I have never met a man more skilled in the art of rhetoric, debate and the formulation of cognitive thought. You took everything that I’ve learnt and showed me how to use it. For that I can never thank you enough.

The final thankyou that I want to say is to my blushing bride, Rebecca. From the day I first laid eyes on you I knew there was something different about you. There was a sense of mystery, of yearing, of steadfast dedication to ideas that can not be broken. I remember on the first day looking at you and thinking that a woman of that caliber would never give a second thought to someone like me, I mean what did I have to offer? You were smart, attractive, and above all reproach. It seemed like you were destined to be my dream, someone who would be compared to every other woman I would ever meet.

That all changed when I met these fine gentlemen here. Through their encouragement I summed up all my courage to approach you. The timidness of my past still haunted me, and the next 3 months would see me wear down not only your barriers but those of my own. Until one day, which was none the different from any other, I put everything on the line. The rest as they say is history, and I came to realise that dreams are not just some unreachable desire. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for all my success, as you were my first dream that became a reality.

Rebecca, because of you I have strived to become a better man. All my successes would not be possible without you standing there by my side. I can not tell you how much strength I draw from the idea that no matter what happens in our lives you will be there for me. In you Rebecca I see the future as clear as I see today. You are the wings that allow me to fly.

And now everyone I shall leave you with these paraphrased words from William Clement Stone who was a bussiness man and generous philanthropist:
“Always shoot for the moon, because even if you miss it, you will land amongst the stars”


Bound In Love.

Rebecca, I dedicate myself to you.
For whatever may cross our paths, for any challenges we face,
I will be there for you.
To the bounds of the earth and across the stars
Through pain, joy, hardship and wealth
I will be there for you.
To this I bind myself in our eternal love
To only be separated by the ends of time
I pledge my unyielding faith to you
All this I hereby vow

I love you I love you I love you! and and I don’t ever want to be without you.
I can not wait to have children with you.
I can’t wait to achieve all our Dreams together and support each other.
I promise to keep making you hot chocolates and bug you with requests –“ do you want anything, Can I get you a drink, food…cuddles?”.
I promise to keep curling ip with  you on the couch, and bring you little gifts when I come back from shopping trips, business trips or when ever I feel I am missing you – no matter how short or long the time apart.
I love your magnetism, I love your positivity.
I want you all for my own.
“Can I have you ?”

Simple Things.

Sometimes the best news you can get is summed up by one line:

Monday Fine. Partly cloudy. Min 2 Max 14

Part of the joys of having an outdoor wedding is right up until the day you won’t know if you’re going to have a nice day, or a hailstorm that will ruin the entire thing. After enduring a record setting dust storm on Tuesday (Canberra had it first, but not as bad as Sydney), torrential downpours including hail and savage winds we’ve been on tentahooks about how the weather was going to be on the day. This one line, which hasn’t changed much in the past few days, has helped me keep myself and my significant other sane.

Now if only the other 100 things that need to be done would fall into place that easily I’d be a very happy gentleman.

(P.S. I’m hoping to get some time on the weekend to write up some articles so that you all have something to read during the next 2 weeks. If you have any suggestions, I’d be much appreciative 😉